Viticulture Online – How to be Prepared for Foreign Markets


viticulture in Australia

It is truly an exciting time for the Australian wine industry with the emergence of potential markets in Asia and North America. Through the efforts of Wine Australia, Australian wine will be highlighted as the theme for the Vancouver International Wine Festival in 2015.

As the theme country for the festival, organizers encourage wineries from down under to take part in the event. The prestigious event is one of the biggest gatherings of wine consumers in North America. It was eight years ago that the country was featured at the festival. Hence, it is a major opportunity for Australian wine to make a serious impression among the Canadian wine aficionados of today. The festival is expected to bring in thousands of consumers and professionals according to Angela Slade, regional director for Wine Australia North America.

In Asia, Wine Australia looks to China as an emerging market in the region. The organization recently hosted a group of Chinese wine importers, retailers and distributors as well as educators and beverage professionals to a visit down under. The group traveled through the country’s wine regions namely in Clare Valley, Coonawarra, and the Adelaide Hills to sample the quality of Australia’s wines. Aside from the winery tours and samplings, a winemaking course was also provided to visitors. Willa Yang, Wine Australia’s regional manager in China, hopes the visit will generate positive feedback in the mainland.

Wine Australia was established in 1981. It primary mission is to provide the Australian wine industry with the critical support it deserves to expand its market share. The industry is a major contributor to the country’s economy in terms of employment, tourism, and export earnings.

To keep up with trends and the best practices in wine making, it would be best for wine growers to take up courses in viticulture. The classes provide specific techniques in the cultivation of grape vines as well as a proper treatment for their harvest.

Amateur wine makers and enthusiasts looking to break into the industry for a share of upcoming markets can take up viticulture online. These programs are provided by reputable distance education providers. Winemaking offers a comprehensive curriculum that even professional vineyard managers and workers can learn from.

Beginners are taught how to choose an ideal site for setting up their own vineyard. Afterwards, students learn how to select the best variety of grape to suit their needs. The course provides an accredited viticulture certificate upon successful completion of the program.

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