How to Overcome Grief – Counselling Courses


Grief is a strogrief and lossng emotion that can leave one paralyzed and incapable of moving forward. The feeling of grief specifically brought about by the loss of a loved one can make even the most physically fit person stumble and lose control of their lives. Though it is a natural emotion that is experienced by many, it does not mean that everyone is able to cope accordingly. Quite often the road to recovery is long and arduous. But with determination, one can slowly but surely regain hope for a bright future.

According to experts, different people react differently to loss. Perhaps this would depend on the gravity of their loss. But this does not mean that one person is stronger or weaker than another. It depends on how a person is able to cope with the situation. The emotions experienced by most people who grieve range from shock, disbelief, depressions, and restlessness. Consequently, people who have experienced loss start to think that they cannot make it on their own and eventually may even consider thoughts of suicide.

In most cases, people in a state of grief may find solace in the company of others like. Take for instance the case of four women in Black Hill who have bonded together by a loss of a loved one to suicide. Kristy Steenhuis’ committed suicide three years ago. To get over her loss, Kristy decided to set up a support group with other women in the community who also lost a loved one to suicide. Grief counseling professionals encourage people to bond together during these times as a way to share experiences and possibly find ways to work through the loss.

Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed suicide as the leading cause of death for Australians aged fifteen to forty-four. In 2012, deaths resulting from suicide reached 2,535. The proportion of suicides among males and females was at 1,901 to 634. In general, this is equivalent to seven suicides daily down under.

Professionals and even laypersons who work closely with people experiencing grief should consider taking up counseling courses. This will provide them with a better understanding of what people in grief go through. At the same time, they learn the appropriate procedures and techniques.

Reputable distance education providers also offer grief counseling. The grief counselling courses defines the various responses of people, adults and children alike, to loss and identifies the correct methods to help them deal with it.

Better Animal Health Practices Online for Raising Cattle


online animal care trainingAustralia is widely known as a major exporter of quality meat products. One of its principal export products is beef from cattle that is expertly raised down under. The total value of the beef and cattle industry is pegged at 12.3 billion dollars. Overall, the number of farms with agricultural activities related to the cattle industry includes more than fifty percent of farms throughout the country. The industry employs a substantial number of people across Australia with nearly 200,000 involved in production, processing, and retail sale.

The domestic market of beef for the period of 2012-2013 was about 6.6 billion dollars. This translates to around 32.5 kilograms of beef eaten by Australians per person for the same period. Indeed, beef comes second only to chicken in terms of fresh meat consumption down under.

As an export product, beef is transported to more than a hundred countries around the world. According to USDA 2012, Australia is the third largest exporter of beef worldwide producing four percent of the beef supply globally. It ranks fourth in world cattle inventory after India, Brazil, and China.

An emerging market for Australia’s cattle industry is Indonesia. This May, a shipment amounting to 2.5 million was delivered to Indonesia from the Northern Territory and northern Queensland. The delivery, spearheaded by Frontier International Agri Pty Limited, consisted of feeder steers and heifers. According to Frontier, this initial delivery will be the first of many in accordance with the company’s livestock export trading program.

According to Frontier general manager, Hamish Browning, the goal of the company is to be the go to partner for livestock export globally, be it for cattle propagation or for consumption. The company employs numerous technical experts in the cattle industry field.

As newer markets emerge for the cattle industry down under, farm owners can benefit from taking up animal course to learn animal health practices for cattle. The animal care are provided at brick and mortar institutions. However, for those who live far away from the nearest community college, reputable distance education providers also offer courses online.

The beef cattle is the ideal introductory course for students to learn the basics of the industry. Coverage of the course program includes breeding, husbandry, herds, and feedlots. As a result, students learn to make educated decisions with regards to the proper management of beef cattle.