Facts About Herpetology


vzAustralian wildlife abounds with a wide variety of animals. Reptiles are no strangers to people down under. The continent is home to a number of reptilians such crocodiles, snakes, turtles, and lizards.

As taught in reptile courses, the species of crocodiles in Australia include both the salt-water crocodile and the freshwater crocodile owing to the country’s diverse landscape. The latter variety is unique to Australia. The genus of turtles down under includes marine turtles and freshwater turtles.

Snakes native to Australia are recognized as some of the most venomous in the entire world. Families of snake known to the country are the front-fanged snakes, rear-fanged snakes, pythons, blind snakes, and file snakes. Lizard families in Australia include the skinks, dragons, monitors, geckos, and flap-footed lizards.

Over the years, numerous efforts to educate people about reptiles have come up in recognition of their vital role in the country’s ecological landscape. The education provided has also increased awareness about the illegal trafficking of reptiles from Australia to foreign countries as household pets. The black market for exotic pets rakes in large sums of money from overseas animal collectors.

In October 2013, officers from the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service were able to preempt the smuggling of thirty lizards from the country.  The country is serious about its efforts to curb the illegal trade. As per the law, the penalty for wildlife trade includes a hefty fine and imprisonment.

Conservation of reptiles is also of utmost importance down under. In the news recently, the National Environmental Research Program’s Environmental Decisions Hub proposed that woodlands situated in the subtropics makes for an ideal haven for the country’s native reptilians. Hence, restoration of the area is imperative. The proposal is a win-win solution as the woodlands and reptiles would benefit from such a harmonious, symbiotic relationship. Reptiles would gain a suitable environment for their home while their presence in the woodlands would sustain the ecosystem.

Previously, learning about reptiles down under was done through a brick and mortar science herpetology course. Nowadays, people who want to gain knowledge about reptiles such as zoo keepers, veterinary nurses, and even enthusiasts can look to herpetology courses offered by reputable distance education providers.

The online herpetology courses provide a solid understanding about the nature of reptiles. At the same time, learners are taught about their distinctive anatomy and physiology.  As part of the curriculum of reptile courses online, learners are also made aware of the conservation issues that impact the survival of reptiles down under. Reptile behavior courses are also available online.

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